Superfinishing Machines: TF4 | SCD/SCE | SPH/SPV | SG/SGM | BF

SG 50Pneumatic oscillation 1 stone guide60 PSI line pressure
SG 75Pneumatic oscillation 2 to 3 stone guides60 PSI line pressure
Tape AttachmentElectro mechanical oscillation 1 head, 50 / 100 mm wide400/480 V & 50/60 HZ 3 Ph a/c and 60 PSI line pressure

Superfinishing attachments are designed to be mounted on the tool holder of a lathe. In the case of stone attachments, the finishing head is oscillated and fed pneumatically.  Electric motors control the oscillation and tape advance in a tape attachment, while the finishing is advanced pneumatically.

An attachment offers the ability to control all the process control parameters available on a standalone machine. Parameters include, head pressure, oscillating frequency, oscillation amplitude and tape advance rate (for tape unit).

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