Gear Solutions Question & Answer October 2019

Nagel Precision

Booth #4308

Sanjai Keshavan, Manager of ECO Hone & Microfinish Systems Division

Nagel Precision, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed a new series of flexible stone super-finishers to finish inner and outer bearing races. The machines are custom designed to meet customer specifications and can be equipped with either Siemens or Allen Bradley controls.

The ultra-light finishing stone holder is mounted directly on a heavy-duty servo oscillator and can attain oscillating speeds of up to 45 Hz. Directly coupled servo part driver can reach speeds of up to 3,000 rpm.

Multiple finishing heads can be mounted to achieve desired quality and output. The key features of the new machine are: ability to change over rapidly from one-part type to another and minimize non-cutting idle time (part load/unload) during the machine cycle.

The superfinishing heads are mounted on an X and Z servo axis for automatic positioning to accommodate part diameter and thickness change. Patent pending part drive system can handle a range of part diameters without any changeover. The new system encompasses a number of industry features to make the machine more flexible and productive.

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