Eco Series Machines: 20 | 40 | 80 | 120 | 180

Low / Medium Volume ECO Series Standard Honing Machines are designed for both manual tending and full automation. These machines retain the coveted features of the high volume machines but engineered in such a way that a number of those operations now happen in a single station. One station ECO honing machine can perform roughing, gauging and finishing in a single station and can replace three station machines.

Equipment is built to Nagel specifications, which meets Automotive OEM standards. Some of the features of the equipment include:

  • Post process gauging after every honing station, integrated to tool wear compensation system for medium volume applications
  • In-process gauging built into the honing spindle, integrated to the tool wear compensation system for low volume applications
  • Allen Bradley Servo controlled mechanical tool expansion and wear compensation system for high stock removal and bore accuracy
  • Hydraulic tool expansion and wear compensation system for fine surface finishes
  • Dual expansion spindle – enabling roughing, finishing and gauging in same spindle
  • Allen Bradley Servo controlled oscillation system
  • Allen Bradley Servo driven precision spindle
  • Pneumatic line pressure monitoring, system shuts off if the pressure drops below the limit
  • Centralized lubrication system with reservoir level and dirty filter monitoring
  • Centralized coolant system with coolant flow, level and dirty filter monitoring
  • Hydraulics system with flow and dirty filter monitoring
  • Automatic part transfer from station to station and complete integration into customer automation(optional)
  • Allen Bradley PLC control with Windows based HMI

  • ECO Series 20: Vertical spindle
    1 – 20mm Dia. and 150mm stroke
  • ECO Series 40: Vertical spindle
    3 – 40mm Dia. and 400mm stroke
  • ECO Series 80: Vertical spindle
    10 – 80mm Dia. and 600mm stroke
  • ECO Series 120: Vertical spindle
    20 – 120mm Dia. and 600mm stroke
  • ECO Series 180: Vertical spindle
    40 – 180mm Dia. And 800mm stroke
  • ECO H: Vertical spindle
    3 – 40 mm Dia. And 125mm stroke